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TTC Silent Bluish White



No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$4.25)


Switch Type: Silent Tactile

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 2mm pre | 3.5mm total

Force: 42g actuation | 60g tactile

TTC's Bluish White switch has proven to be a popular tactile switch. The Silent Bluish White Tactile switch shares its rounded, sharp tactility. The difference is a quieter package.

We have worked with TTC to bring the new 2022 tooled Silent Bluish White into the fold. The hardness of the bottom-out pad is further increased. The coil lubricant is thinned out. These include a convex lens that enhances keycap compatibility over the classic hollowed-out LED cover.

This is the 2022 Silent Edition, it's not an easy find.

  • Stem material: POM
  • Top housing material: PC
  • Bottom housing material: PA66
  • Spring: Signature double coiled/symmetric spring
  • Plating: Gold plated
  • Tooling: Improved 2022, very strict tolerance around the stem

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Excellent mid-weight switches!!

These silent bluish white switches are simply awesome. They preserve the bubble-wrap-y feel that you probably want in a silent tactile, but without the heaviness of something like a durock shrimp or Boba U4 silent.

Great for typing, and also comfortable for long gaming sessions. That these come in a super dope metal package is just icing on the cake, very highly recommend these bad boys :)

Great Switches and Great Packaging

First, none of the switches I had came bent, broken, etc. I have ordered from other storefronts and have gotten bent legs many times. I have to attribute that to the great packaging, a metal case with foam and a nifty comic! Those details set switchcaptain above others in my opinion. It's the little things.

As for the switches themselves, they are great. Even stock they are nice and quiet, very high quality. I love how they feel even coming from Zilents. Highly recommend.

Fantastic product

This has been my second order, and without any question these switches (no matter which ones) are always of high quality and work amazingly.

Da’ Best

Love these switches. They are my new favorite switch. They are not over the top tactile, which is hard to find in a silent tactile switch. Comfy to type on, nice and quiet thud on downstroke. Reminds me of typing on my HHKB.

Solid mid-weight silent tactile

Great feeling mid weight silent tactile. This tactile, while definitely muted, has a harder "pad" than some other silents I've used, meaning you get solid feedback on the down and upstrokes. This made a bigger difference to me than I would have expected - it makes the keys feel not-mushy when pressing down, and then a good thunk on the release to confirm my input. It does mean there is more noise here than other tactiles i've used (zilent, durock shrimp, Boba U4), but its still muted compared to a non-silent switch. Feels less like a membrane keyboard than boba U4s, IMO, less of a "collapsing" feeling.

The tactile bump itself is very nice, definitely noticeable and present, "p" shaped but with a little bit of pre-travel (so it feels mid press instead of at the top). Because the actuation is a bit lighter than other tactiles I've used, and the solidity I mentioned above, this is a very nice switch to use for a work board - something that ill be using all day long and therefore want less stress on my fingers / hands / arms. I think I prefer the overall feel of switches like Haimu Whisper and Durock Shrimp (they feel more "luxurious" i guess?), but those 67g weights were a bit much for me typing all day long.

Using these in a prime_e alice board, been very happy so far. And the "more solid" feel I keep mentioning about these switches provides a pleasant sound. Maybe not something you want for the highest end board, but perfect match for an acrylic, stacked, or injection molded keeb.

SwitchCaptain shipped and delivered the switches within a couple days, overall very pleased with my purchase.