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Outemu Box Blue MX

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These Outemu Box Blue MX Clicky switches feature a nice tactile bump and a solid click, making them a great way to get started and get a feel for clickies.

Outemus are absolutely fantastic for modding too, and due to their accessible price, you can experiment worry-free!

Note that our current stock does not have pin protectors that have to be removed so you can plug these right in!

Interested in adding JSpacers to make Jailhouse Blues (turning these clicky switches into tactile ones)? We've got you covered!

Tactile (Clicky)
Travel Distance
2.0 mm Actuation
4.0 mm Total Travel
60g Operating
Outemu (Gaote)
40 Million Clicks
Pin Protectors


Note: These are the improved Outemu Box Blue clicky switches from Gaote. Originally a riff on Cherry MX Blues, Outemu has released a box design that reduces wobble. The leaf has been strengthened and is on display in the transparent top-housing. These have  a crisp, deep sound with more tactility than a Cherry blue. Ping has been reduced as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Orion Davis
Fantastic Switches

I've had a bad experience buying switches before, and these switches really turned that around. The switches took a while to arrive, but it was really great when they showed up and got them installed. They are just as clicky as I was hoping, and they also look really nice with my Redragon K556. They provide a very nice feel and were very easy to install. Over all 10/10 experience, and I love these switches!

Top Tier With JSpacers

Stock they're your run of the mill blue switch, just a tad heavier and higher pitched. If clicky switches are your jam, you may like them.

Where these switches really shine is after modding them with some JSpacers and a little lube. Totally transforms them into a relatively smooth and overall fantastic feeling tactile switch without breaking the bank.

Great switch

I have spent a long time chasing the "holy" grail of silent tactile switches and had a handful of Gateron blues left over from a board built by a friend. I was shocked to find them quieter!

So far have only compared Outemu and Gateron, these have less wobble, just a hair stiffer and lower in tone. Pin protectors are a nice touch. A few times felt a key bind while typing, but that'll probably clear with break-in.