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Outemu Box Black MX

Outemu SKU: KS-OB-BLK-70


No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$1.50)


Switch Type: Linear

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 2.0 mm Actuation | 4.0 mm Total Travel

Force: 65g Operating | 45g Nominal | 30g Minimum Force

These Outemu Box Black Linear MX switches feature a heavy, smooth and consistent feel. They are a great way to get started with heavy linears. They are also fantastic for modding. Due to their accessible price, you can experiment worry-free!

Earlier versions were riffs on Cherry MX Blacks. These box switches go above and beyond. They feature a stronger leaf than original Outemu Blacks and transparent housing. Additionally, they have new tooling that reduces scratch in a nice, linear feel.

Not sure of your switch life philosophy yet? Check out our clicky Outemu Blues and tactile Outemu Browns before deciding! If you want the lighter version of this linear, check out our Outemu Reds.

Note: These are the improved Outemu Box Black Linear switches from Gaote. This is a heavy version of the Outemu Reds. Outemu has released a box design that reduces wobble. The leaf has been strengthened and is on display in the transparent top-housing.  The new tooling leads to a reduced scratch and a nice heavy linear feel. 

These switches feature a life cycle of 50 million clicks.

Note that our current stock does not have pin protectors that have to be removed so you can plug these right in!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dan Catterlin
Great Switches

I love these switch. Not too noisy and have a great feel.

Jan-michael Barlow
They're Outemu Blacks....

These are not the best switches you will buy, use or see. They are generic have some wobble and need some love. But if you have a board that can't take any other type of switch, these are the ones. If you have some patients and are determined the get the most and make the best sounding Outemu, then bust out the 205 go brush, switch key and get to work. Once you lube these up they are awesome. I took a generic Redragon K599 and through these in. They are lovely.