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Kailh BOX Silent Pink

Kailh SKU: KS-KSB-P-70


No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$3.50)


Switch Type: Linear (Silent)

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 3.6mm

Force: 35g Actuation | 45g Bottom

These Kailh BOX Silent Pink linear mechanical keyboard switches are the perfect choice for a quiet gaming keyboard or any situation where you want to type with minimal noise. They are an extremely stable, non-wobbly switch, similar to classic Box Pinks, but without the clickiness.

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These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Mason Loring Bliss
    Nice switches! Great service.

    The switches are nice - very smooth, fairly quiet, and they feel like quality. The Kailh Box Silent Pink switches out of the box feel as good as my other favourite switches, Gateron silent reds and whites, but I have to lube the Gaterons for them to feel as smooth as the Kailhs feel out of the box.

    Equally high quality is the SwitchCaptain experience. I love the boxes they use for holding the switches, which are themselves keepsakes and pressed into service as soon as we have them, and the company is responsive and friendly.

    Smooth just like the switches

    Shipping speed was reasonable. All switches arrived functional.
    Nothing negative to say - would buy from again.

    Really happy with my purchase!

    Got the Kailh Box Pinks because I wanted a switch that wasn't as loud as the ones I had, while still being as tactile as possible. These really do the trick!

    SwitchCaptain's delivery was 10/10 as well. Switches arrived in a nice metal box (useful for now storing my old switches in) AND it comes with a switch puller. If I could give one piece of advice, I'd say that they should make that clear when ordering. Because I was under the impression that I'd have to order a separate switch puller from Amazon. A welcome surprise nonetheless! :)

    Kelvin Perez
    Amazing Switches

    I order the switches because i couldn't find them anywhere else, the Khail silent pink switches feel like if you could type on melted butter lol

    They are amazing and I had been looking for my perfect switches I'm glad i found them and they where authentic and the delivery was fast and on time

    Great Service Great Packaging

    Shipping was super fast and the tin packaging was 10/10.