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Kailh BOX Silent Brown

Kailh SKU: KS-KSB-B-70


No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$3.50)


Switch Type: Tactile (Silent)

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 3.6mm

Force: 45g Actuation | 65g Peak | 60g Bottom

These Kailh BOX Silent Brown tactile mechanical keyboard switches offer a nice amount of tactility with minimal sound. Perfect for your nighttime keyboard or any situation where you want to keep clickiness to a minimum! Similar to regular BOX Browns but a lot quieter!

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These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Freddie A Laker
Best switches I've ever owned.

This is my first time swapping out my switches. I had ROG Red switches before. SwitchCaptain helped educate me on the difference in switches. These news switches are the best typing experience I've ever had in my life.

James R
Great Service, Order a Few Extra

First off, they switches arrived pretty quickly and I got updates along the way. The tin they come in is great, especially for storing the extra switches and replaced ones (I'm insane and didn't separate them). I ordered Kailh silent browns, which are surprisingly hard to find right now.

Out of the 90 switches, about seven had bent feet. Six of those I was unable to restore the linear shape as the foot had been folded over on itself more than once. I was able to straighten the seventh. To be fair, these switches are a little large and someone closing the tin might have pressed a few too close together. But, I ordered 90 when I needed 76, so I was able to upgrade my board. So plan ahead!

In short, I had the new switches in hand and installed about one week or less after being told my cherry mx brown's were too loud. Lubing is up next!

Good service, I like the switches

The order arrived quickly, the switches came in a neat box. Perfect.

Shaunil Chokshi
Hard to find these and good service

Surprisingly difficult to find the silent brown switches, especially at a reasonable price and sufficient quantity for a 98% build. The switches are far smoother than I expected and the silent tactile feedback is really subdued, almost to the point where my sausage fingers can't feel the break point (that's only on certain keys and certain fingers and I attribute that subdued feeling to effects my hand still has due to surgery a few months ago). Really just surprising how smooth even when pressing off center. And best part is you don't have to lube them!

Getting back to Switch Captain: shipping was timely, the switches are well packed in the little tin (which is durable and nice looking). Didn't have to contact the seller so can't comment on such experience but overall very satisfied.

Jackson Myers
No complaints!

Service was great and shipping was fast! I got the switches I need in a reasonable time and that's all I can really ask for. Also, the tin is a really nice bonus.