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TheVan JSpacers - 110 Pack

SwitchCaptain SKU: JS-VAN-A-110


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Product Type: Switch Mod

Compatibility: Blue Switches w/ Click Jackets

Product Specs: Molded O-Rings

JSpacers are specifically molded o-rings that fit perfectly between a switch shaft and click jacket and magically turn clicky switches into tactile ones. Traditionally these have been used with Outemu Blues to make a famous mod called a Jailhouse Blue switch.

Though some have thought them to be lost to the sands of time and resorted to regular, circular o-rings, we've been able to acquire authentic and genuine JSpacers from the former TheVan Keyboards.

These come in packs of 110 each.

Note: These will work on any clicky switch with a click jacket, which is most of them except for Kailh switches, which use a click bar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

These work exactly as expected. I do wish they were a bit harder cause it makes the switch a little mushy on their own. I did add a ball bearing which gave me the punch I was looking for. Would def buy again cause they did exactly what I expected and are high quality.

John Ihle

Quality product, really happy with the end result!


Work’s great to make jailhouse blues

Alexander Huang

Found out about this mod about a million years too late and was ecstatic to see that SwitchCaptain still had these in stock. Ordering was a breeze, had no issues with shipping, and the product arrived as pictured/described. Tested out a few to make sure they would work with my build (Kailh Gold stems/jacket in clear MX Blue housings). Couldn't be more stoked to put them in the controller I'm building. Big thanks to the staff at SC for makin' it happen!

So Happy to Get a Hold of These

In researching the jailhouse mod a number of months ago I came across these and was disappointed thinking I wouldn't be able to get a hold of any. I recently circled back and discovered that SwitchCaptain scooped a bunch up. Awesome! These are really nice and allow the mod to be performed easily and in a consistent fashion. Highly recommend!