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TheVan JSpacers - 110 Pack

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JSpacers are specifically molded o-rings that fit perfectly between a switch shaft and click jacket and magically turn clicky switches into tactile ones. Traditionally these have been used with Outemu Blues to make a famous mod called a Jailhouse Blue switch.

Though some have thought them to be lost to the sands of time and resorted to regular, circular o-rings, we've been able to acquire authentic and genuine JSpacers from the former TheVan Keyboards.

These come in packs of 110 each.

Note: These will work on any clicky switch with a click jacket, which is most of them except for Kailh switches, which use a click bar.

Customer Reviews

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So Happy to Get a Hold of These

In researching the jailhouse mod a number of months ago I came across these and was disappointed thinking I wouldn't be able to get a hold of any. I recently circled back and discovered that SwitchCaptain scooped a bunch up. Awesome! These are really nice and allow the mod to be performed easily and in a consistent fashion. Highly recommend!

A Consistent Jailhouse Modding Material

I was looking for a vendor for these jspacers for the longest time. I'm glad I was able to find them here.

It's a bit hard to tell from pictures but they are a rubbery like material which silences the keypresses. While you can tell the j-spacer is rubbery from the feeling on the switches, it isn't a mushy feeling that silicone o-rings might give.

As stated in the title, I was able to make a batch of 25 jailhouse blue outemu switches and each switch felt identical to one another. When using other materials like floss, wire, dental bands, or o-rings, there was always enough variation for some switches to fail after extended use. Which is quite annoying.

These are well worth the price.

Gold Standard For Jailhouse Modding

Title says it all. Literally takes the pain out of jailhousing. No more fiddling around with o-rings and no more sore fingertips. Amazed that SwitchCaptain were able to track these down. I've been searching for a reputable place to get these for ages. Easy 5/5.