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Gateron Red Pro - 3 Pin KS-9 RGB

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Gateron Reds are a true modern classic, but even a classic can be improved.

These Pro switches keep the consistent, quiet operation, and smooth feel of classic Gateron Reds. Gateron Reds are a favorite mechanical switch for gamers and typists for years. The Pros offer a handful of notable improvements, especially for those who want to use a switch that truly doesn't require any modifications or additional work. The Pro includes:

  • Tighter Tolerances
  • A New Casing Mold (Polycarbonate)
  • Being Pre-Lubed at the Factory
  • An Enhanced Pro-Stem (POM)
  • A Thicker Metal Leaf
Travel Distance
2 mm Pre Travel | 4mm Total Travel
60 million cycles

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jacob Cain

These switches are amazing! I have never felt a smoother switch. Albeit I don't take apart my switches to lube them but these being pre lubed is night an day in comparison to my four other keyboards using kahil box reds, cherry MX reds, regular gateron red, and Logitechs red switches. Soo smooth and slightly lighter to push compared to the switches mentioned above. I put them in my gamakay LK67 with the 8008 key caps. I would highly recommend these switches to any linear lovers.
On a side note a couple switches did have some bent pins but that's to expect

Cameron Blew
Amazing Switches, Better Customer Service

For starters my base is a GMMK 104 key from Glorious. I started out with the stock gateron browns, and realized that they were surprisingly loud compared to my old board with cherry browns, so I decided to order some Kailh Box Silent Browns, from this site. I really really did not like them. Sure they were crazy silent, but they also had a really high actuation force, heavy bump, and were very mushy and scratchy, worse than a lot of membrane boards honestly. So I decided that I wanted to return them, SwitchCaptain had amazing customer service throughout the return process and also had fast shipping and email response times. Now onto these switches, I have never owned a board with linears before and lemme say that I love it so far. I have previously used Otemu Blues and Cherry Browns, and when trying reds in the store I always found them to be far too light for my taste. Well they are very light, but they are also the most buttery smooth switches that I have used. I will probably have to use the board for a week or so to get used to the weight of the switches, but once I do I know that I will love it a lot. If they had pro yellows I may have gone for those, but they didnt. They seem really well lubed for factory switches and also very consistent with each other. They are quite silent and have a great sound to them with this board. I would highly recommend the Pro Reds and Switch Captain as a company.