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Gateron Yellow - 3 Pin KS-9 RGB

Gateron SKU: KS-GKS9-Y-70


70 Switches
90 Switches
110 Switches
No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$2.00)


Switch Type: Linear

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 2mm Actuation | 4mm Bottom

Force: 50g Operating | 60g Bottom

Gateron Yellows are a true modern classic. An improvement on the classic Gateron red linear keyboard switch. These solid linear switches feature a consistent, quiet operation and smooth feel. They have been a favorite mechanical switch for gamers, amongst others, for years.

This version features 3 pins for easy plate mounting. Additionally, they have a transparent top, and a white bottom that lets light through. Enough for your RGB to shine!

Still wondering if this switch is right for you? Check out this review by TheraminGoat!

We pack all our switches in protective tins and include a switch puller in each package.

Please note that these are MECHANICAL, NOT OPTICAL switches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Quality

They shipped and arrived quickly and I love the tin case they come packaged in!

i love them!!

they came super fast i ordered them on friday march 25th and they came monday march 28th!! none of them were bent and they all sound really nice.

Extra basic
Just get um

Perfect for my needs

Ethan Piratova
Keyboard switches works

Everything is good, some switches were bent but I fix it. Nevertheless less it was still good.