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Kailh Deep Sea - Silent Linear Box Master V3

Kailh SKU: KS-DSS-BMV3-70


70 Switches
90 Switches
110 Switches
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Switch Type: Linear (Silent)

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 1.8mm pre-travel | 3.6mm total travel

Force: 34g Operating | ≥ 15g resistance

This brand new Kailh Deep Sea silent mechanical keyboard switch is something special. Kailh is a close partner and has been working on this Master iteration for some time. In the past Masters had minor quirks that needed ironing out. This may be, at present, the highest quality and most advanced silent linear switch that Kailh manufactures.

Introducing the Kailh Deep Sea Ultra-Silent Box Master V3.

Highly Limited stock

POM Stem

Material Upgrade
The older Linear Jellyfish Master has a slightly miss-aligned operating and reset-point, a nylon stem that can turn scratchy over time. The V2 improved on the stem but didn't align the operating and reset-point fully. V3 improves upon past experiments with even tighter tolerances. There is a fully-sealed circular white POM stem with Nylon Housing (BOX) and an overlapped operating and reset path.

Improved LED View Window
Keycap Compatible LED Window

The Box Masters V2 series is still relatively new and hasn't fully hit stores yet. We didn't like the V2 as their viewing window for LEDs could jam on certain keycaps, so we declined to feature them. V3 has an improved tapered LED window to prevent keycap compatibility issues seen in previous Masters.

Sound Reduction
An improvement on the BOX Silent series, the V3 Master design mitigates both downstroke and upstroke noise. We take the same circular stem dust wall design from our popular BOX Silent switches from Kailh, upgraded the stem material, and apply enhanced sound absorption using novel TPE/Stainless Steel blends. Unlike the BOX Silent switches the stem has no integrated padding, increasing compatibility with other stems for franken-switches. Noise levels from the Kailh lab measured an exceptionally silent, ≤ 35db*.

The V3 retooling comes with even higher tolerances (including production QA). Switch quality is significantly upgraded, full copper alloy plates with composite gold contacts. 

BOX Housing rated at IP54 (except terminals). The switch uses a 3-pin bottom housing to ensure high plug-and-playability.

These switches have a 100 Million Activation Life Expectancy and are IP54 - except terminals. 

These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Caitlin Anderson
Awesome switches fast

I love these switches. They are so smooth and so silent. I’m used to waiting a month for keyboard parts and I got them less than a week after ordering them. 100% worth it and a fantastic site to order from. I didn’t know them before I ordered and worried so let this review give you confidence. Trustworthy and a great place to get switches from.

Phenomenal Processing&Shipping Times

I placed the order early morning (say 7am), it shipped at 9am that same day and arrived three days later. I don't know if I just barely managed to squeeze into that day's round of shipments, but the processing & packaging time blew me out of the water. I haven't tested these switches yet but I'm hoping they're as hushed as they claim to be!

Isaac Sim
Good switches + great service

Switches are pretty smooth right out the box. As other reviews states, the actuation is really close to the top of the switch with pretty light springs, which can cause misinputs if you have heavier fingers. Overall I think the switch is good, and great for those who want really fast switches.

I wish I could give a separate rating for Switch Captain's service. I didn't have to wait for months for over sea shipping, plus no additional fees. Compared to KBD, where I would need to pay about an extra 5ish dollars ($50 base + $15 shipping) and wait an extended period of time, Switch Captain proves to be a better provider for US domestic purchases.

Nice silents!

First, these are slightly louder than most silent linears I’ve tried. I like the new design where the silencing is happening within the housing as opposed to the stem. In my opinion, this change gives a nice bottom out, that is slightly less mushy. However, I really enjoy key travel, and silent switches inherently lose some travel due to the addition of the silencing material. With these in particular, it feels like you lose even more travel (which others might actually see as a pro). Finally, since these are box switches, they use a smaller spring than other popular manufacturers, so spring swapping isn’t as convenient. Therefore, if you don’t love the stock spring weight, you have to go even more out of the way to spring swap.

If you enjoy shorter key travel and the lighter spring weight, these are 5 star! For my personal preference, I have to knock it one star since I can’t as easily spring swap and because I’d like a little more key travel.

Side note: 5 stars for switchcaptain’s packaging and free domestic (US) shipping. This was the best option compared to buying from over seas (best compromise of price - factoring in shipping prices- and wait time) as well as a fun unboxing experience.

Deadeye Dave
Props for innovation:

This latest iteration of the BOX Silent design represents a genuine improvement over previous versions, as well as a solid entry to the space in general. Like all BOX switches these are IP56 dust and water resistant and feature an enclosed set of contacts, and like the other silent ones, these are also North-facing-friendly with GMK and other low-profile caps.

In terms of noise level, they're about on-par with basic Gateron Silents, with less scratch in the sound and feel. I'd make the same comparison with the previous generation design, as well. These are the smoothest circle-shroud BOX switches I've used so far, and they're plenty quiet for office use. Compared with many other dampened switches, these feel a bit more crisp at the cost of slightly more noise; if you're familiar with Gazzew's silents, these are at the opposite end of things.

"Thock" is the hobby's most over-used onomatopoeia, but it's also probably more accurate in describing this switch (and a few other dampened ones) than any of those loud and clacky long-pole tactiles. There's the gentle swish of the stem as it goes down ("th"), and the muted plop ("ock") of the broad stem foot against the bottom pad. Gentle thocks.

Only audible in the least forgiving of metal-based builds (or right next to your ear), there is some slight spring ping with these. Unless you're building them into a CNC'd case with a brass plate, chances are you won't need to tune these at all - and if you are, just bag-lube the springs and you're good to go.

My only request to Kailh would be to make a few more spring weight options available for the switch, kind of like Zeal does with Zealios and Zilents. While I think these have a good weight for a large portion of typists, they're just a little light for my preference, and I'd pick something heavier were it available.

When it comes to buying from SwitchCaptain specifically, I'm not sure I've ever felt so considered as a customer buying switches before. I'll explain: SC gets their switches directly from the manufacturer, includes proof in the package, and tracks each and every pack with a serial number for quality control. They're packaged in tins that not only look pretty cool, but also do a great job of protecting the switches in transit - no mangled pins here. They even come with a basic switch puller in the tin, just in case you don't already have one. Nice!