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Kailh Deep Sea - Silent Linear Box Master V3

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This brand new Kailh Deep Sea silent mechanical keyboard switch is something special. Kailh is a close partner and has been working on this Master iteration for some time. In the past Masters had minor quirks that needed ironing out. This may be, at present, the highest quality and most advanced silent linear switch that Kailh manufactures.

Introducing the Kailh Deep Sea Ultra-Silent Box Master V3.

Highly Limited stock

POM Stem

Material Upgrade
The older Linear Jellyfish Master has a slightly miss-aligned operating and reset-point, a nylon stem that can turn scratchy over time. The V2 improved on the stem but didn't align the operating and reset-point fully. V3 improves upon past experiments with even tighter tolerances. There is a fully-sealed circular white POM stem with Nylon Housing (BOX) and an overlapped operating and reset path.

Improved LED View Window
Keycap Compatible LED Window

The Box Masters V2 series is still relatively new and hasn't fully hit stores yet. We didn't like the V2 as their viewing window for LEDs could jam on certain keycaps, so we declined to feature them. V3 has an improved tapered LED window to prevent keycap compatibility issues seen in previous Masters.

Sound Reduction
An improvement on the BOX Silent series, the V3 Master design mitigates both downstroke and upstroke noise. We take the same circular stem dust wall design from our popular BOX Silent switches from Kailh, upgraded the stem material, and apply enhanced sound absorption using novel TPE/Stainless Steel blends. Unlike the BOX Silent switches the stem has no integrated padding, increasing compatibility with other stems for franken-switches. Noise levels from the Kailh lab measured an exceptionally silent, ≤ 35db*.

The V3 retooling comes with even higher tolerances (including production QA). Switch quality is significantly upgraded, full copper alloy plates with composite gold contacts. 

BOX Housing rated at IP54 (except terminals). The switch uses a 3-pin bottom housing to ensure high plug-and-playability.


Linear 100 Million Activation Life Expectancy (IP54 - except terminals)
Travel Distance
1.8mm pre-travel | 3.6mm total travel
34g Operating | 15g resistance


These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

Customer Reviews

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Reece Conrad
Nice switch!

Close tie with the silent box pink for best stock silent switch, in my book. I like the sound of the switch. It's slightly louder than a typical silent switch. They are smooth with an acceptable amount of wobble. I do feel like they have slightly reduced travel compared to other Kailh box switches. Overall, very nice silent switch.