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Kailh Deep Sea - Silent Linear Box Master V3

Kailh SKU: KS-DSS-BMV3-70


70 Switches
90 Switches
110 Switches
No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$6.00)


Switch Type: Linear (Silent)

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 1.8mm pre-travel | 3.6mm total travel

Force: 34g Operating | ≥ 15g resistance

This brand new Kailh Deep Sea silent mechanical keyboard switch is something special. Kailh is a close partner and has been working on this Master iteration for some time. In the past Masters had minor quirks that needed ironing out. This may be, at present, the highest quality and most advanced silent linear switch that Kailh manufactures.

Introducing the Kailh Deep Sea Ultra-Silent Box Master V3.

Highly Limited stock

POM Stem

Material Upgrade
The older Linear Jellyfish Master has a slightly miss-aligned operating and reset-point, a nylon stem that can turn scratchy over time. The V2 improved on the stem but didn't align the operating and reset-point fully. V3 improves upon past experiments with even tighter tolerances. There is a fully-sealed circular white POM stem with Nylon Housing (BOX) and an overlapped operating and reset path.

Improved LED View Window
Keycap Compatible LED Window

The Box Masters V2 series is still relatively new and hasn't fully hit stores yet. We didn't like the V2 as their viewing window for LEDs could jam on certain keycaps, so we declined to feature them. V3 has an improved tapered LED window to prevent keycap compatibility issues seen in previous Masters.

Sound Reduction
An improvement on the BOX Silent series, the V3 Master design mitigates both downstroke and upstroke noise. We take the same circular stem dust wall design from our popular BOX Silent switches from Kailh, upgraded the stem material, and apply enhanced sound absorption using novel TPE/Stainless Steel blends. Unlike the BOX Silent switches the stem has no integrated padding, increasing compatibility with other stems for franken-switches. Noise levels from the Kailh lab measured an exceptionally silent, ≤ 35db*.

The V3 retooling comes with even higher tolerances (including production QA). Switch quality is significantly upgraded, full copper alloy plates with composite gold contacts. 

BOX Housing rated at IP54 (except terminals). The switch uses a 3-pin bottom housing to ensure high plug-and-playability.

These switches have a 100 Million Activation Life Expectancy and are IP54 - except terminals. 

These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Wonderful Switches and Wonderful Service

I am amazed by these switches! I replaced my cherry silent reds with these and I am never going back, these are smooth to type on, have a lovely sound, are incredibly consistent, and did I mention that spacebar thock? I’ve actually been doing my paperwork just because I want to keep typing - and these bad boys feel good even after several hours of extended typing with considerably less fatigue than I had been experiencing with my cherry’s.

SwitchCaptain sent them in no time at all and it even arrived three days early. I love the reusable tin they package them in as well, it’s very cute and useful! SwitchCaptain will definitely be my preferred switch shopping spot after this.

Mark S
Great buying experience!

The switches are great! My son has noise sensitivity and the Kailh Deep Sea Silents turned out to be the perfect replacement for the Cherry Red Silents in his previous (now sadly dead) keyboard. If anything, they are smoother and more quiet.

Switch Captain had the best price we could find. They came fast and were packed well. I'm new to custom keyboards, so all the positive reviews online for Switch Captain were useful in helping me steer clear of fakes and scams and buy with some measure of confidence. Overall a great experience.

Great quality and quick delivery.

Package arrived way faster than expected and so far I love thedeep sea switches! The dampening is excellent. Very muted and not too mushy. The packaging was impressive — switches were packed in a custom tin with a puller included. Great work! I will check here first next time I upgrade.

Pete from KeebNews
Great switches, great packaging!

First, the Deep Seas are FANTASTIC silent linears. Some of the best I've tried.

Second, big shout out to SwitchCaptain for that packaging! The tin was REALLY fun, and really well thought-out. Nice work!

Great switches and shipping

Love this switch. Very smooth and relatively quiet but with a nice bottom out sound, just know that these won't be as perfectly silent as some others. Very little wobble and the resistance is light but not enough to actuate on accident. The newer V3 design works great with Cherry style caps on a north-facing board as advertised (I confirmed on every key row - there's no contact/sticking). The clear LED display seems like a nice touch to diffuse the light but I'm honestly not sure how much of an impact it has. I went with the Kailh Deep Sea V3 over many similar silents in big part because of how clean and continuous the actuation feels.

Shipping was top notch. Ordered and received the package in good shape three days later. There was one or two noticeably bent pins out of a full 110 switch set which seems very reasonable to me. The printed tin is a nice bonus that I'm now using for a bunch of leftover parts.

Only complaint I have is this is a pretty pricey switch, but the price here is competitive to elsewhere if you include shipping - especially if you want it to arrive quickly and packed well.