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Basic Mechanical Switch Pullers - 3 Pack

SwitchCaptain SKU: SP-CAPT-A-3P


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Product Type: Switch Puller

Compatibility: Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Product Specs: Stainless Steel

This pack of three basic lightweight stainless steel mechanical keyboard switch pullers feature:

  • Extended Switch Grips to Prevent Switch Damage
  • Pinched Sides For Grip
  • A Pinched Top For Flexibility
  • Increased Metal Flex To Prevent Switch Damage

These are the same mechanical switch pullers that can be added individually to any order of keyboard switches.

Customer Reviews

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V Holley
Simple and Effective

These switch pullers are simple and easy to use. They have plenty of flex when using them, yet they keep their shape. I prefer this style of switch puller to the typical tweezer or prong styles of switch pullers. It is easy to squeeze enough pressure to get tighter switches out without damaging either the switch or the puller.