Guaranteed Authentic

Guaranteed Authentic

What is the SwitchCaptain Authentication program?

We are keyboard and mice enthusiasts ourselves, we have spent hours (perhaps days, okay fine, weeks) trying to find particular keycaps, switches, lubricants, and more. Too often we stumble across knock-off products, poor quality components (that can do real damage), and sometimes even stores passing non-genuine products as the real thing! Enough is enough. So we got together and decided on a plan moving forward to stop fake products from hurting all the different folks involved.

The SwitchCaptain Authentication program includes a holographic seal on every item we sell, each seal has a unique code that lets you verify your product came from the original brand. 

We want you to know that if you buy a product from us that what you get is real. 

Let us be clear:

  • All branded products we sell are bought from the manufacturer directly, we do not try to save a buck and purchase from a supplier (which we find super suspicious in the first place). If a manufacturer won't sell to us direct we will not have it in the store. This includes big names as well as up-and-comers. 
  • This also means that manufacturers ship directly to us, we inspect for quality, package them in sealed bags (so they cannot be tainted), code them into our authentication database, and ship it to the customer (that's you!). We do not allow 'middle-persons' to broker any product, as this opens up an opportunity for manipulation.
  • Any product from SwitchCaptain without an authentication sticker is counterfeit or repurposed without authorization. Even our refurbished products are authorized.
  • We require all brands to provide us with proof of any certifications they say they have. The onus is still on them of course. If a manufacturer cannot produce for example their RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) when they are supposed to be able to, we will not work with them. While we do not know of all licenses, permits, and certifications, we try our best to keep an eye out. 

 If you want to be part of our program, reach out to