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NovelKeys x Kailh Thick Click BOX Jade V2

Kailh SKU: KS-NOVK-J-70


70 Switches
90 Switches
110 Switches
No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$3.00)


Switch Type: Thick Tactile Clicky

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 1.80mm Actuation | 3.60mm Bottom

Force: 50g Operating | 75g Tactile

A Novelkeys x Kailh collaboration. The Thick Click BOX Jade switch features a thicker clickbar than regular clicky switches. The tactile feedback is very noticeable and the click sound is deeper and heavier than a Pale Blue. It's crisp, sharp, and does not wear out.

We do not sell old stock, this is the new V2 of the Box Jade. V2 received a 9/10 sound rating by ThereminGoat. V2 has a solid bottom instead of a hole. 

SwitchCaptain is an Authorized Reseller of NovelKeys products and guarantees authenticity and supply chain. Please note, Jade switches acquired from a non-authorized seller may not be true NovelKeys switches.

These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dan Guintu
Kailh box jade

Got into custom keyboard and i want a crispy sound when typing found these jade switches they’re perfect ordered 70+5 additional switches however i have a gmmk pro board i thought it only comes with 75 switches found out during building it was 78 now im missing 3 switch 🥲 shipping was fast packaging was perfect. Definitely gonna order here again. 🤙🏼

These Rule

Bought these as apparently the keyboard community likes them. They’re incredible for the price and were exactly the feel I was looking for. Would buy again.

Thick Click Box Jade v2

I ordered these and some Box Navy switches because I thought I wanted a heavier spring.. however, the Box Jades are perfect out of the box.

The spring is a bit lighter than the Navy switch, and the sound is also a little deeper compared to the Navy.

Def. my favorite clicky so far. =]

Ryan Downey
Best of the Best

Got these for my gf who types a lot of papers, but thats not where the story ends. I never liked clicky switches until i was type testing in her newly built keyboard. My gosh are these amazing. Now im using these for gaming as well. Cant say enough about how responsive they are!

One of the Best Clicky Switches Around

Love these switches man. Had the original Box Jades and was curious about the new V2's here. Sound is pretty much the same to my ears, but I do notice that the switch feel is noticeably smoother (outside of the absolutely stunning clickbar, which is just as tactile and clicky as the original). Pretty darn tight tolerances, pretty minimal wobble. Not too tiring to type on while still having that very satisfying tactile snap with the clickbar. Just wouldn't advise using these in a public space because they are, indeed, loud as heck. Not the best switches to use in the office unless you work with other keyboard enthusiasts that wouldn't mind. Also, they came in a very nice tin and the switches were all in good condition.