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NovelKeys x Kailh Thick Click BOX Jade V2

Kailh SKU: KS-NOVK-J-70


70 Switches
90 Switches
110 Switches
No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$3.00)


Switch Type: Thick Tactile Clicky

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 1.80mm Actuation | 3.60mm Bottom

Force: 50g Operating | 75g Tactile

A Novelkeys x Kailh collaboration. The Thick Click BOX Jade switch features a thicker clickbar than regular clicky switches. The tactile feedback is very noticeable and the click sound is deeper and heavier than a Pale Blue. It's crisp, sharp, and does not wear out.

We do not sell old stock, this is the new V2 of the Box Jade. V2 received a 9/10 sound rating by ThereminGoat. V2 has a solid bottom instead of a hole. 

SwitchCaptain is an Authorized Reseller of NovelKeys products and guarantees authenticity and supply chain. Please note, Jade switches acquired from a non-authorized seller may not be true NovelKeys switches.

These switches are packed in a protective tin and include a switch puller.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dan Guintu
Kailh box jade

Got into custom keyboard and i want a crispy sound when typing found these jade switches they’re perfect ordered 70+5 additional switches however i have a gmmk pro board i thought it only comes with 75 switches found out during building it was 78 now im missing 3 switch 🥲 shipping was fast packaging was perfect. Definitely gonna order here again. 🤙🏼

These Rule

Bought these as apparently the keyboard community likes them. They’re incredible for the price and were exactly the feel I was looking for. Would buy again.


The switches came in a cute little tin and were shipped promptly.

I thoroughly enjoy the Box Jades and even prefer the deeper sound and lighter actuation to the Box Navy’s

Thick Click Box Jade v2

I ordered these and some Box Navy switches because I thought I wanted a heavier spring.. however, the Box Jades are perfect out of the box.

The spring is a bit lighter than the Navy switch, and the sound is also a little deeper compared to the Navy.

Def. my favorite clicky so far. =]

Ryan Downey
Best of the Best

Got these for my gf who types a lot of papers, but thats not where the story ends. I never liked clicky switches until i was type testing in her newly built keyboard. My gosh are these amazing. Now im using these for gaming as well. Cant say enough about how responsive they are!