Outemu Box Blue MX



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Guaranteed Authentic

These are the improved Outemu Box Blue clicky switches from Gaote. Originally a riff on Cherry MX Blues, Outemu has released a box design that reduces wobble. The leaf has been strengthened and is on display in the transparent top-housing. These have  a crisp, deep sound with more tactility than a Cherry blue. Ping has been reduced as well.

If you are an on-off clickity-clacker, these switches are a great way to get started and get a feel for clickies. Outemus are absolutely fantastic for modding, and due to their accessible price, you can experiment worry-free!

These feature a nice tactile bump, with a solid click, we recommend adding switch films and your preferred lube to really kick it up a notch!

Rated for 40 million clicks.

Each switch comes with a protective sleeve around the pin, remove first before installing.

Tactile (Clicky)
Travel Distance
2.0 mm Actuation
4.0 mm Total Travel
60g Operating
Outemu (Gaote)


About Outemu (Gaote)

Dongguan Gaote Electronics Co.,LTD, known in the USA as Outemu, is a long-time manufacturer of mechanical switches. Most known for the price accessible switches you tend to see in entry-level keyboards.

All Box Blue MX switches are ordered directly from Outemu, tested in the US by SwitchCaptain, and packaged in sets. Comes with a seal of authenticity.

What to look out for in spotting fake Outemu Box Blue's

The number one fake circulating right now is an "Outemu" switch with a dark blue stem. The image on the left is from a real listing of an "Outemu" switch on a popular marketplace, the image on the right is the Outemu reference photo (a much more pale blue). Whether you buy from us or elsewhere, please keep this in mind and make sure you are supporting the real manufacturer whenever possible!

Outemu Authentication