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Outemu Box Blue MX

Outemu SKU: KS-OB-BL-70


No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$1.50)


Switch Type: Clicky

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 2.0 mm Actuation | 4.0 mm Total Travel

Force: 60g Operating

These Outemu Box Blue MX Clicky keyboard switches feature a nice tactile bump and a solid click. They are great way to get started and get a feel for clicky mechanical switches.
Outemus are fantastic for modding too. Due to their accessible price, you can experiment worry-free! For example, you can add JSpacers to make Jailhouse Blues. This will turn your clicky switches into fantastic tactile ones! Interested? We've got you covered!

Note: These are the improved Outemu Box Blue Linear switches from Gaote. Outemu has released a box design that reduces wobble. The leaf has been strengthened and is on display in the transparent top-housing. The new tooling leads to a reduced scratch and a nice heavy linear feel.

These switches have a lifespan of 40 million clicks. 

Note that our current stock does not have pin protectors that have to be removed so you can plug these right in!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jimmy Hooker
the Best

I thought Amazon / Ebay were the only options to get custom switches. Many "china-made-trinkets" vendors will take your order when out of stock, and leave you waiting a month for the boat to arrive from Singapore (hello Glorious Keyboards!). SwitchCaptain has a great selection, fair price, free shipping, and they arrived only days later. Who needs Amazon?

Such a click!

A little slow to arrive but was still printing parts anyway. Plus the great little metal cases were worth it. I want to turn one into a giant Gameboy now!
The keys are awesome. "I knew I needed a click..." - Giorgio
My tastes may have been cemented at a young age by obtaining an IBM Model M. A keeb you could very easily use to fend off zombies and then sit back down and continue coding. Sadly I loaned it to a friend of a friend and never saw it again. Many years later I've now realized I have the ability to create custom devices from scratch and experiment with various options. So here we go. A dash of 3D modeling, a cup of 3D printing, a sprinkle of diodes and a deep dive into QMK and voila! It won't be quite as useful in a melee fight but it will definitely satisfy my craving for the click for quite some time.
There's enough resistance that when I rest on the home row I don't have "DDDDDDDDDDDD" across the screen which occasionally happens.
TL;DR A very solid tactile feedback and once you add some double-shot PBTs a nice, fairly high pitched click with a nice return bump up as well.

Robert Kirchner
Great Service, Product & Shipping

Received my blue switches 4 days after ordering on the 4th of July. Switches came in nice tin container. Installed switches without a problem, and they perform, fell and sound great.

Joseph Robin
Great switches!

Ordered these for custom macro pads, they work flawlessly! Nice sturdy clicks, much better than I expected for the price, I'll be coming back for more when I start my next project

Orion Davis
Fantastic Switches

I've had a bad experience buying switches before, and these switches really turned that around. The switches took a while to arrive, but it was really great when they showed up and got them installed. They are just as clicky as I was hoping, and they also look really nice with my Redragon K556. They provide a very nice feel and were very easy to install. Over all 10/10 experience, and I love these switches!