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Mill-Max 3305x Gold Plated Beryllium Copper Sockets

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Product Type: 3305-1-15-15-47-27-10-0

Compatibility: 0.051" Diameter

Product Specs: 0.130” (3.30 mm) Length

No longer do you have to de-solder and re-solder when changing soldered-in switches! Turn your existing keyboard into a hot-swap board, or use this in new builds.

These are the new model in the 3305x  from Mill-Max featuring lead-free ROHS-certified series sockets with gold-plated beryllium copper contact clips to make dependable, low-resistance connections. They are 0.130” (3.30 mm) long receptacles, which we find to be the sweet spot, the 3305x series offers three lengths 0.105” (2.67 mm), 0.130” (3.30 mm), and 0.155” (3.94 mm).

We feature the 3305 over the 7305 series, as the 3305 lip is slightly smaller allowing for an even more flush seat (reducing switch rise). 7305's are in general harder to solder as well.

These are authentic Mill-Max's from their premium line. No tin was used, instead, these are gold over nickel-plated beryllium copper with a brass alloy shell (weight feels nice)! No lead is used in these receptacles (meets all three ROHS specifications).

REMEMBER EACH SWITCH NEEDS TWO MILL-MAX RECEPTACLES. For example, 110 switches would require 220 receptacles. Having extras is a good thing (in case of soldering/installation errors). Please make sure your board and switch support them before ordering.


- Beryllium Copper
Gold Plated
- Brass Alloy Shell
- ROHS, ROHS-2, and ROHS-3 Compliant version (all three)


- 6-fingers to hold the switch pin in place
- Low profile
- Solder mount
- Compact size
- No tail
- Make key switch hot-swapping effortless
- Easy-to-use, reliable, and long-lasting
- High-speed turning of pins to tolerances of +/-.002" in diameter
- Durability: 1,000 cycles minimum
- 4.5A contact rating

Series Model: 3305-1-15-15-47-27-10-0

Mill-Max's 3305 series open bottom, low-profile, solder mount receptacles are specifically designed to make mechanical key switches hot-swappable. The 3305 series is designed to be soldered into a 0.060” (1.50 mm) minimum mounting hole with an ultra-thin retention shoulder so plugged-in components sit nearly flush with the board surface. The open-bottom design is meant to accommodate varying lead lengths making this a very versatile receptacle.

Switch to receptacle pack recommendation

 Number of Switches Number of Pins
Number Receptacles + Spares
24 48
65 130 140
110 220 240

These components are used by advanced keyboard enthusiasts. We are not responsible or liable for any damage to your PCBs when using these receptacles.

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