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Gateron CAP Milky Blue V2 - 3 Pin RGB

Gateron SKU: KS-GKS25-CAP-BL-70


70 Switches
90 Switches
110 Switches
No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$2.00)


Switch Type: Clicky

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 2.3mm pre | 4mm total

Force: 60gf

Our Gateron CAP Milky Blues are the revised version (V2). They are a factory pre-lubed clicky switch and a typist's dream!

The CAP series has an enlarged POM stem. This increases stability and reduces wobble over classic Gateron Blue switches. The improved V2 is from a new polycarbonate mold. They feature a deeper sound and thock over traditional Gateron clicky switches. They're also a noticeably smoother keyboard switch.

The stem is inverted. Traditional switches have a long stem with the center going into the switch housings shaft. The CAP stem is inverted and goes around the outside of the stem receptacle.

A small hole prevents air from getting trapped in the stem causing unwanted pressure. The revised version has a more optimized hole which prevents lube/oil clogs.

Similar to the Gateron Pro series, the leaf is thicker than normal Blues. This provides improved oxidation resistance.

The spring is of a thicker material and is longer than a traditional Gateron Blue switch. The longer spring lowers the spring rate due to increased pre-compression.

The CAP Milky Blues come with a click jacket and a milky bottom housing. This diffuses the lighting from any RGB lights more than a clear crystal housing.

*not compatible with TheVan JSpacers due to stem size.

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