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TTC Shimmer Linear



No Extra Switches
5 Extra Switches (+$3.50)


Switch Type: Linear

Pins: 3

Mount: Plate

Travel: 4.0mm total | 1.9mm pre

Force: 41gf trigger | 48gf bottom out

TTC Shimmer Linear Switches (sometimes called TTC Colorful Reds) provide a new and exciting typing experienceA fast switch, perfect for gaming. These let you know when they're pressed unlike most other speed switches.
At the same time, they provide a level of tactile feedback, but only on the bounce back.

To be honest? We love them.

The activation is at 41gf and the bottom out is at 48gf, but don't worry the bottom-out rebound is palatable. Once you start typing on these and you get into the groove this is a very fast switch. The stem is from the TTC Gold Red line (which features an identical mold). They feature a nice convex dome lens that lets any RGB light shine through. The PA Nylon top and bottom feature weighted housing. This reduces high-frequency sound and lets the percussive bottom shine.

TTCs modified the signature double coiled spring in these switches. As a result, they have a plated and lubed compressed light spring. The linear stem activation and bottom-out are closely aligned. This makes for satisfying, short keystrokes. The bounce back is on point.
  • Stem material: POM
  • Top housing material: PA Nylon
  • Bottom housing material: PA Nylon
  • Spring: Lubed symmetric spring (compressed for a linear bounce back)
  • Plating: Gold plated Double Contacts
  • Tooling: 2022 Edition

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