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Gateron Red Pro - 3 Pin KS-9 RGB

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70 Switches
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Gateron Reds are a true modern classic, but even a classic can be improved.

These Pro switches keep the consistent, quiet operation, and smooth feel of classic Gateron Reds. Gateron Reds are a favorite mechanical switch for gamers and typists for years. The Pros offer a handful of notable improvements, especially for those who want to use a switch that truly doesn't require any modifications or additional work. The Pro includes:

  • Tighter Tolerances
  • A New Casing Mold (Polycarbonate)
  • Being Pre-Lubed at the Factory
  • An Enhanced Pro-Stem (POM)
  • A Thicker Metal Leaf
Travel Distance
2 mm Pre Travel | 4mm Total Travel
60 million cycles

Customer Reviews

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Cameron Blew
Amazing Switches, Better Customer Service

For starters my base is a GMMK 104 key from Glorious. I started out with the stock gateron browns, and realized that they were surprisingly loud compared to my old board with cherry browns, so I decided to order some Kailh Box Silent Browns, from this site. I really really did not like them. Sure they were crazy silent, but they also had a really high actuation force, heavy bump, and were very mushy and scratchy, worse than a lot of membrane boards honestly. So I decided that I wanted to return them, SwitchCaptain had amazing customer service throughout the return process and also had fast shipping and email response times. Now onto these switches, I have never owned a board with linears before and lemme say that I love it so far. I have previously used Otemu Blues and Cherry Browns, and when trying reds in the store I always found them to be far too light for my taste. Well they are very light, but they are also the most buttery smooth switches that I have used. I will probably have to use the board for a week or so to get used to the weight of the switches, but once I do I know that I will love it a lot. If they had pro yellows I may have gone for those, but they didnt. They seem really well lubed for factory switches and also very consistent with each other. They are quite silent and have a great sound to them with this board. I would highly recommend the Pro Reds and Switch Captain as a company.