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TheVan JSpacers - 110 Pack

SwitchCaptain SKU: JS-VAN-A-110


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Product Type: Switch Mod

Compatibility: Blue Switches w/ Click Jackets

Product Specs: Molded O-Rings

JSpacers are specifically molded o-rings that fit perfectly between a switch shaft and click jacket and magically turn clicky switches into tactile ones. Traditionally these have been used with Outemu Blues to make a famous mod called a Jailhouse Blue switch.

Though some have thought them to be lost to the sands of time and resorted to regular, circular o-rings, we've been able to acquire authentic and genuine JSpacers from the former TheVan Keyboards.

These come in packs of 110 each.

Note: These will work on any clicky switch with a click jacket, which is most of them except for Kailh switches, which use a click bar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Man they beat having the put wire about each switch, or a specific o-ring and just praying and calibrating each switch slowly. In 2021, I probably spent like 20 hours making a set of jailhouse blues using o-rings. These took like 1 hour to make a set.


These work exactly as expected. I do wish they were a bit harder cause it makes the switch a little mushy on their own. I did add a ball bearing which gave me the punch I was looking for. Would def buy again cause they did exactly what I expected and are high quality.

John Ihle

Quality product, really happy with the end result!


Work’s great to make jailhouse blues

Alexander Huang

Found out about this mod about a million years too late and was ecstatic to see that SwitchCaptain still had these in stock. Ordering was a breeze, had no issues with shipping, and the product arrived as pictured/described. Tested out a few to make sure they would work with my build (Kailh Gold stems/jacket in clear MX Blue housings). Couldn't be more stoked to put them in the controller I'm building. Big thanks to the staff at SC for makin' it happen!