Typing Tests Volume 3: Gateron Linear Edition

Spencer SolowayApril 26, 2021

For this week's typing tests we took a look at two of our favorite Gateron switches, Blacks and Yellow. You can find out more about Gateron Black switches and buy them here. And if you're interested in Gateron Yellow switches we've got you covered well!

Typing Tests Volume 2: Kailh BOX Silent Pinks, and Novelkeys/Kailh BOX Thick Click Jades and Zealios 67g

Switch CaptainMarch 28, 2021

This week's typing tests include the Kailh BOX Silent Pinks, and Novelkeys/Kailh BOX Thick Click Jades and Zealios 67g. Enjoy! Kailh BOX Silent Pink (aka Silent Red):  Zealios 67g:  Novelkeys/Kailh BOX Thick Click Jades:  One of the first things we usually do when looking at new switches is look around on YouTube...

Typing Tests Volume 1: Kailh BOX Silent Brown, Durock T1, and Durock Koala

Switch CaptainMarch 20, 2021

Typing Tests Volume 1: This week we're featuring the Kailh BOX Silent Brown Durock T1 Durock Koala