Introducing our New Keyboard Switch Tins

Switch Captain

If you've ordered from us recently you already know, but we're happy to officially announce our new packaging.

We order a lot of keyboard switches for personal use. I mean, like, a lot. And the one constant has always been that they're delivered in ways that almost guarantees a bent pin or two. We often heard similar complaints from our own customers. Nobody wants to buy a premium switch like the Kailh Deep Sea and receive it in a bag or even a lightweight carboard box.

So we decided to do something about it. It took months of design, a long wait for production and an even longer one for shipping. But they're here and, let's be honest, they're glorious:


These tins feature three foam inlay variations to protect switches in different sized sets and help to significantly eliminate the chances of a bent or broken switch upon delivery. 

Not only that but after delivery they're a great place to hold unused switches in general, candy, or, pretty much anything else you'd put in a tin.

Every single pack of switches we sell now come boxed in one of these protective tins because we're no longer going to settle for inferior packaging and neither should you.

Want one but not ready to get a new set of switches? We've got you covered.

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