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Introducing our New Keyboard Switch Tins

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If you've ordered from us recently you already know, but we're happy to officially announce our new packaging. We order a lot of keyboard switches for personal use. I mean, like, a lot. And the one constant has always been that they're delivered in ways that almost guarantees a bent pin...

What makes Kailh BOX Silent Switches silent?

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In our latest mechanical keyboard switch teardown we look at how Kailh makes their silent switches quieter than normal box switches: Like what you hear (or don't hear!)? Head on over to the store to pick up some Silent Pinks or Silent Browns today.

What are Gateron Pros?

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In our latest video for SwitchCaptain TV we've gone ahead and done a full teardown on some of our newest and most exciting switches, Gateron Pros. Pros are amped up versions of regular Gaterons with a better mold resulting in less stem wobble and scratchiness, a thicker leaf, and a...

How to Install JSpacers to Make A Jailhouse Blue Switch

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We're super excited to be stocking TheVan JSpacers and decided to do a quick how-to ideo on how to install them and make any clicky switch with a click jacket into a tactile one!